The Andaman – an Island perfect for your Honeymoon!

The Andaman – an Island perfect for your Honeymoon!

What would you prefer for a delightful honeymoon – a crowded yet popular destination which will cost you a fortune though won’t give you the much-needed privacy, or a sparsely crowded yet beautiful Island for half the expense? If you would prefer the second option where you can spend some quality time with your life partner, the Andaman Islands will be the perfect choice for you. Andaman honeymoon Packages in reasonable rates can offer you the most picturesque holiday locations which will not be very crowded also. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have more than 500 islands under them, but only 36 are inhabited. Some of the uninhabited islands have many natural attractions like the tropical forests and stunning beaches which can give you the most enchanting experiences of life. The crystal clear turquoise blue water and coral reefs in them attract many tourists who visit the islands just for fun. The Islands hold a significant place in the history of India and hence there are many important monuments also in the Andaman Islands. The Nicobar Islands are still inhabited by some of the protected tribes who hold on to their age-old traditions and culture. There are some museums, amusement parks, parks and zoo also in the Islands to keep the tourists engaged. For the honeymoon couples, the Andaman Islands offer the quintessential solitude and a serene backdrop just right for their blooming romance.

Booking an Andaman Honeymoon trip

The Andaman Islands are well connected to the outer world via flights from Kolkata, Chennai, Thailand and other nearest airports on the mainland. Amazing Andaman Honeymoon tour Packages from Chennai and other affordable Andaman Honeymoon Packages from top Cities can be easily availed over the Internet. Book a trip of at least 5 days so that you can enjoy the Islands to the fullest and see the most popular places there.

Serene Beaches, Colorful Coral Reefs and a lot of fun!

The Andaman Islands are renowned for its beautiful beaches, some of which are ranked among the 100 best beaches of the world. Crystal clear water, the rich flora and fauna of the sea, exciting water activities like scuba diving, swimming, sailing, surfing and snorkelling, an eco-friendly atmosphere and pollution free seaside together provides a relaxing ambience far from the maddening rushes of the city. Being cut away from the crazy city life itself can rejuvenate your body and mind.Enchanting Honeymoon tour Packages for Andaman is getting popular mostly due to these factors only. Some of the most popular beaches in the Andaman Islands are the Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island which is ranked the World’s 7th best beach, the Elephant Beach in Havelock Island which offers some stunning scenes of Elephants swimming in the sea and elephant rides also, the Vijayanagar Beach which braces a dense tropical forest, the Kalapather Beach which gives you the much needed privacy with a beautiful backdrop, the Sitapur, Lakshmanpur, and Bharatpur beaches known for their beautiful view of the sunset, the Ross and Smith Island beach is a true natural marvel with a sandbar connecting the twin islands of Ross and Smith and some tree huts for the tourists to relax, the Wandoor beach which is actually a gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park and the Jolly Buoy where you can enjoy a sea-walk and see the colourful coral reefs and underwater marine life, the Corbyn’s cove beach which is a popular and crowded place and has many resorts nearby for accommodation, the Guitar Island Beach which is a beautiful island in the shape of a guitar and connects to a nearby island by rocks, the Merk Bay beach and the Aamkunj Beach. Many of these beaches are the only entertainment in that islands and many of these islands are uninhabited also. Tourists can stay in one of the main islands like Port Blair, Havelock islands or the Neil Island and travel to the islands by road or by boat. The Cinque Island also offers sea walk and a closer view of underwater marine life. The Kalipur beach is famous for the turtle nestlings sightseeing. Some popular beaches offer water activities while the honeymooners prefer the secluded beaches for solitude. Customized Honeymoon Packages at Andaman can get you too many more such beautiful islands and beaches that let you discover more beautiful untouched places on the earth.

Blissful nature, mountains and caves!

The Andaman Islands have much more than the beaches for the tourists. The place is blessed with dense tropical forests with vivid flora and fauna, some of which are home to the protected tribes who still dwell in the islands. There are mountains, waterfalls, caves and a volcano also in these mystical Islands. Madhuban and Mount Harriet in Port Blair attracts a lot of tourists for trekking and the natural beauty. There are many rare species of animals, birds and butterflies you can see in Madhuban. The Little Andaman Islands have a beautiful waterfall which attracts a lot of tourists from Affordable Andaman Honeymoon Package. The mud volcano and the limestone caves at Diglipur and Baratang Islands are also spectacular places to visit. In some of the islands which are not inhabited, the tourists, especially the honeymoon couples can enjoy a stroll or relax in privacy. The natural rock formations in the Neil Islands are also a popular attraction. The Chidiyatapu in Port Blair gives a spectacular view of the sunset and has many rare species of birds.

Museums, markets, farms and other man-made amusements!

The Andaman Islands hold an important place in the history of India. There are many museums depicting the various empires who have ruled the Islands during various times and the effects it has had on these Islands. The Cellular Jail built by the British is one such monument where the Indian and Burmese freedom fighters were confined and then used as slaves to build their colonies. The light and sound show at the Cellular Jail is a major attraction for the tourists at Port Blair. There are museums showcasing the marine life and other scientific phenomena prevailing in the Remarkable Honeymoon Packages in Andaman. The Anthropological museum here showcases the history and life of the protected Nicobarese tribes. There’s a mini zoo which houses many animals and birds which can be seen only in these islands. The Sippighat Agricultural farm here has many varieties of fruits, vegetables and spices grown in the Andaman Islands. The Marina Park and Aquarium is another major attraction in Port Blair. The Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex in Port Blair is the first of that kind in Asia and offers a wide range of water sports and activities in the safety of indoors.

There’s a lot more of these Islands which are not yet explored. The Tsunami of 2004 badly hit these Islands and took away a lot of lives here. Still the friendly nature of the locals along with their hard work has helped the Islands to recover from the grief and revive the Island. Whichever way you look at these Islands, the Andaman Islands are truly the honeymooner’s paradise!


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