The fascinating and Exotic Havelock Island: A must visit

The fascinating and Exotic Havelock Island: A must visit

While visiting Andaman, the island with more than 500 islets, the Havelock Islands is the must visit place for sightseeing and enjoying the exotic beauty of the nature and lush green. It is place to enjoy luxury and comfort with privacy as well as exclusivity. You do not have to care about the budget when you visit Andaman. It caters well to low as well as high budget travelers.

Your Andaman Holidays trip is incomplete if you don’t visit the Havelock Island. Havelock Island was listed as “the best beach in Asia” in Time in 2004. It is a natural paradise with white sand beaches, rich coral reefs, and lush green forest. It is not like the usual islands where you find the street vendors, tourist shops, and local hawkers passing by. It is an exclusive crystal water clear beach. It is a wonderful place to spend time with your spouse in privacy.

Andaman is said to be the ideal and perfect place for honeymoon couples. The couples can enjoy their company and relax at the Andaman. The natural beauty of the place infuses the love among the lovebirds. The couples get ample amount of privacy and comfort at the Havelock Island.

Havelock Island is also famous for the water sport activities performed over there. Underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling let the adventure seekers explore the colorful marine world.

A long walk with your husband or wife during the sunset at the Havelock will be one of the most memorable and romantic moment of your life.

The accessibility to Havelock Island is very user friendly. The travelers can opt either though the sea or the by air services to there. Government operated ferries connect the Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair to the Havelock Island. These ferries work on a regular daily basis. Private luxurious boats also operate between this stretches. Local transport like auto rickshaws, buses, taxi, motorbikes are also available for the people to visit different places on the island. The seaplane and helicopter services also work on the daily basis. All the transportation is regulated by the government of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

There are more than 50 hotels for the staying option at the Havelock Island. They vary from high end hotels and resorts to the camping sites on the beaches. The most popular resort at the Havelock is the Dolphin Resort.

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